Saturday Morning: Phase 1: Think Bold


High energy in the room as teams refine their Core Innovation—they were challenged to be bold in their thinking so they could really knock down the unnecessary walls of antiquated school practices. Some teams like the Real Magic Bus took this literally: they’re imagining a school where students spend their days visiting museums, cultural centers, theaters, businesses, and other organizations. Students go out in the real world to learn how things really work.  Several groups are also working on iterations of the maker movement focusing on students learning in real-life spaces, working on real problems. Imagine how different student experiences would be if they began their days in a kitchen space learning how to make a bagel, then moved to a coder space, and then spent the rest of the day in a science laboratory as they do in Epic Spaces.

Open Hemispheres is extending school beyond its walls with their open, distributed network of students that enable collaborative student-directed project-based learning.

Names start changing as ideas are refined. Hacker Spaces became Maker School, and AdaptEd is now KidSource, and Developing EDU is now EdShed. 20% Teacher Time is playing with Elevating Public Schools.