Startup Weekend EDU SF November 2013 Teams


Here are the 14 teams that came out of Startup Weekend EDU SF during our November 2013 event.

Gamifying skills assessment with exploratory quests.

A stream of real world challenges sourced from local companies and organizations for teachers and facilitators to use for project-based learning in High Schools and beyond.

School Match
Right Schools. Right Reasons. Right Now! Provides all families access to synthesized information that empowers them to make informed decisions about schools that best fit their unique needs. Virtual tours, comprehensive data, user friendly enrollment! Virtually access data and tour 100 schools in the same time it takes to tour 10 on foot!

Its kind of magical when kids go ahead and learn by themselves what Teachers and Parents learn by themselves.  mPower empowers Teachers to identify skills that they would like their Students to practice. mPower empowers Kids to learn by themselves by figuring out what kind of games they are interested in, what suits their learning styles and what games they would love to play.  mPower completes the feedback loop by communicating with parents what learning skills were achieved in the game

We are a curriculum sharing platform that allows instructors in higher education to create profiles and portfolios that highlights the work involved in curriculum design. Instructors can upload and share writing prompts, syllabi, academic projects and create a professional portfolio.

A self-directed learning platform that empowers students to find subjects they are passionate about and explore those subjects with ease, and support.

At Your Pace
Makes self paced blended learning more effective by organizing data into useful actionable information for teachers and students.

TinkerED connects EdTech companies with teachers to transform the future of education tools.

Teachers do not know what learning standards their new students have mastered. Diagnostics are labor intensive, limited in scope, and rarely provide reliable insight into their students needs. EduPassport is a webapp that solves this problem by giving teachers instant insight into student mastery of Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards via a simple user interface.

Common core question bank. Teacher created. Teacher tested. Teacher approved.

Move Autism
Daily emails for parents of children with autism providing tools to connect with and empower their kids.
Yappi is a goal setting platform that makes creating and achieving goals feel like a game. Like any great modern game, it guides students with built just-in-time help, gives students a sense of power, and facilitates social interaction. is fitbit for teachers by helping teachers test and improve teachers’ instructional strategies. It offers a simple, robust platform leveraging qualitative and quantitative data to measure teaching efficacy now and over time. Teachers perform A/B tests on anything from instructional strategy to classroom management.  They then log observations on impact, and compare their intuition with student test results on assessments like exit tickets, quizzes, and NWEA exams.

We facilitate an after school program that combines in person activities and instructions along with a reality based mobile game to teach financial literacy to kids.